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Jan 18


Here are all of the NWHC posts of done in one handy post:

The Answer - Complete Discography:

Blue Monday - Complete Discography:

Burden - Complete Discography:

Champion - Rarites:

Family Man - Demo:

Genuine - Bond Still Strong + Pessimist Project:

Go It Alone - Anthology (comp tracks, b-sides, demo):

Kiss It Goodbye - Complete Discography:

Out of Sight - Live at the Legendary Castle:

Retrace - Demo ‘06:

Rosary - Complete Discography:

Shook Ones - Collected Recordings 2004-2010 (B-side, Comp tracks, splits, Demo):

Stay Gold - Complete Discography:

Tongue Tied - Live at the Legendary Castle:

Weight - Demo ‘07:

If anyone wants more info on any of this stuff, just get at me. Also of note, a lot of blogs will claim something is a complete discography when it’s missing demos or comp tracks, I do my best to include everything so if there is a band you like on here, check the original post and see if there are tracks you’re missing in the download! If I’ve missed stuff for any of these discographies, let me know.

Last but not least, NWHC has produced some of the best Hardcore bands period, and I’m lucky to have lived in this area for the last 4 years.

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